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GTA Online Gets Howard NX-25 And Further Promotions

Rockstar is really pulling our leg with this week’s vehicle

It isn’t the Vigilante, it isn’t the Hunter and it isn’t the Lazer. Considering last week’s Bombushka was a highly anticipated plane, we guess it’s fair that Rockstar didn’t want to drop another hyped up drip-feed vehicle right off the bat – these things need to last until the latter half of Winter, after all….

GTA Online Gets New Bonuses, Double Cash On 4 Categories

Players are given many ways to make fortunes

Another Tuesday, another round of bonus promotions in GTA On. Not much could match last week’s double RP and cash on Heists, but we can’t fault Rockstar for not trying: this time around, four activities get the promo, not just one. As always, there are a handful of discounts too. The star, or stars in…

GTA Online Gets Duke O’Death

Returning player content unlocked amidst bonuses

As leaked a good long while ago, Rockstar has crossed the final “t” and dotted the final “i” in phasing out the release edition of GTA 5 by unlocking returning player content for all players of On, adding the dastardly Duke O’Death to the multiplayer portion of the game. Returning player content was a small bundle…

GTA Online Gets New Round Of CEO Bonuses

Discounts and double-cash galore

It’s that time of the week again – a new GTA On bonus has been announced, with promotions starting today. In preparation for the very likely next week release of Import/Export, the focus this time around is, naturally, CEO gear. The discounts, the free collectible and the Modes getting the double RP and cash treatment…

GTA Online: Bikers Expanded, Sixth Property

It’s been a week since GTA On received its most anticipated DLC ever in the face of Bikers, but Rockstar isn’t done fulfilling the most frequently requested wishes of the community just yet. Even though Bikers already added a massive amount of content to the extremely popular multiplayer game, it received a follow-up today –…

More Details & Screens from Special & Collector’s Editions

Rockstar has provided some further details on the additional content and benefits you’ll receive with the GTA V Special and Collector’s Editions along with a few new screenshots. Basically, each of the Special and Collector’s Editions contain various digital items that are designed to enhance all three of the main characters in the game (being…