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GTA Online’s Heaviest Vehicle Just Got Heavier

Insurgent Custom, limited clothing and more

Following in the footsteps of the Karin Technical Custom, another long-time favorite vehicle has gotten a facelift. Alongside the new car, a bevy of double GTA$ and RP promotions are on to keep players busy, while discounts help you spend that hard earned cash. The newest GTA On DLC has revamped another car from the…

GTA Online Gets New Classic Car, Another Adversary Mode

The Cheetah gets the retro treatment and you can now base-jump with cars

GTA On’s -up of classic variants of popular supercars is being expanded, as is its already lengthy list of Adversary Modes. This latest interim DLC brings some treats to the table in order to tide fans over until the next major update comes some weeks or months in the future. Additionally, the selection of bonuses…

Celebrate Independence Day In GTA Online With New DLC

Additional unrelated DLC also available

Rockstar Games is beginning Independence Day celebrations early with some thematic DLC in GTA On, as well as other miscellaneous additions to the game. The in-game celebrations have already begun and will last beyond the 4th of July too, so you’ll have plenty of time to join in if you don’t plan on spending actual Independence…

GTA Online DLC Is Crowding Los Santos and Blaine County

The game’s map is starting to seem small

GTA On recently received the Gunrunning DLC which sets players loose on the rural areas of the game map to traffic illegal weapon shipments while evading hostile mercenaries. This is merely the newest update in a long of free DLC that has been sequentially released over the years since the game’s initial launch. But…

GTA Online: Gunrunning Coming June 13th, Trailer Released

More weaponized vehicles have been revealed

Rockstar Games has finally revealed the release date, as well as a trailer, for the highly anticipated Gunrunning DLC for GTA On. Naturally, in the hours since the video went live, the community has analyzed every single frame of footage to discover any new information about what to expect when the new content becomes available….

Gunrunning Is GTA Online’s Biggest DLC In 2017, But Not Its Last

Between success and the delay of RDR2, there’s no reason to think otherwise

This year, so far, has been a bumpy one for GTA On fans. With a noticeable slowdown in DLC releases, the impending release of Red Dead Redemption 2 and some troubling rumors, many were worried that soon we’d see the end of content support for the title. Even though there were a wealth of arguments…