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Coil Cyclone Strikes GTA Online Like Lightning

Discounts on Bikers businesses and more

GTA On has been getting a new vehicle every week for months now, but for some reason Coil has been among the least frequently featured from the game’s large entourage of faux car manufacturers. The fictional stand-in for Tesla gets a bit of the spotlight this week with the Cyclone being released, alongside a number…

GTA Online: New Car, Free Cash, Halloween, Oh Boy

Rockstar is really going all out this time

Rockstar Games is celebrating two occasions in the coming days and has gone the extra mile when it comes to bonuses both in-game and out to commemorate these events. GTA On is the main recipient of the attention, but there are discounts in the physical Rockstar Warehouse as well. The two occasions in question are…

GTA Online Gets Howard NX-25 And Further Promotions

Rockstar is really pulling our leg with this week’s vehicle

It isn’t the Vigilante, it isn’t the Hunter and it isn’t the Lazer. Considering last week’s Bombushka was a highly anticipated plane, we guess it’s fair that Rockstar didn’t want to drop another hyped up drip-feed vehicle right off the bat – these things need to last until the latter half of Winter, after all….

GTA Online Gets Rapid GT Classic, New Bonuses

Yet another customizable classic car is added to the game

Nope, it isn’t the Hunter. This week’s drip-fed GTA On DLC has been released, and instead of giving the community the hotly desired fictional version of the Apache, Rockstar decided to tease us further and release a new car instead. The Dewbauchee Rapid GT Classic is the newest ride on the block, offering car enthusiasts…

GTA Online’s Bonuses Offer Double Rewards On Newest Mode

Limited edition tee and discounts also on offer

GTA On’s latest round of bonuses lasts through the 11th of September and turns the spotlight on the game’s newest Adversary Mode, Motor Wars, which was added recently in the Smuggler’s Run update. Beyond offering double rewards in the mode, there are also plenty of discounts to make use of whilst unlocking a limited edition…

GTA Online’s Heaviest Vehicle Just Got Heavier

Insurgent Custom, limited clothing and more

Following in the footsteps of the Karin Technical Custom, another long-time favorite vehicle has gotten a facelift. Alongside the new car, a bevy of double GTA$ and RP promotions are on to keep players busy, while discounts help you spend that hard earned cash. The newest GTA On DLC has revamped another car from the…

New GTA Online Bonuses Let You Prepare For Gunrunning

Grab extra cash from Businesses and Special Cargo

Rockstar Games seems keen on helping enterprising players gain starting capital in order to jump into Gunrunning next month with a new set of double rewards on some of the best money-making activities in the game. At the same time, they inadvertently might have given away the release date of the highly anticipated GTA…

GTA: Online’s Newest Bonuses Cater To Bikers

Possibly hinting at gunrunning link

GTA On’s new round of bonuses and discounts are all dressed up in leather. Bikers is the DLC in focus these next two weeks with a range of special promotions specifically aimed at the members, or would-be members, of motorcycle clubs. There are some additional bonuses as well, however it’s clear that “ride or die”…

New GTA Online Event Extends Bonuses

Double rewards for special vehicles tracks is here to stay

If the “new” bonuses in GTA On’s current event seem familiar to you, there’s a reason for that. Rockstar kicked off a new round of discounts and bonuses for the multiplayer component of GTA 5, and while the former truly are a new selection, the latter is just a rerun of last week’s double reward…