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Rockstar Reveals Why There Is No GTA 5 Story DLC

“It’s just what happened.”

After being a frequent topic of discussion amongst fans for years now, Rockstar has finally given a semi-official statement regarding why Grand Theft Auto 5 never got any singleplayer DLC to expand the story. In a recent interview with Game Informer about the development and evolution of GTA On, Director of Design Imran Sarwar gave…

GTA Online: Transform Races Gets Trailer

The DLC will launch on the 17th, next Tuesday

Rockstar games has released an action-packed trailer for GTA On’s upcoming DLC, Transform Races. As much of a buzz-phrase “action-packed” has become, it’s truly apt for this particular video as it changes frame and camera angle faster than the game itself gains sales, which is saying a lot. Transform Races are yet another riff on the…

Bombushka Now Available In GTA Online

The newest plane is accompanied by an Adversary Mode and bonuses

The newest drip-fed DLC for GTA On has been released and brought with it one of the most anticipated of the planes teased through missions in the Smuggler’s Run update. The Bombushka is joined by a new Adversary Mode that features it extensively. The Bombushka was shown off in the trailer for Smuggler’s Run, but…

GTA Online: Gunrunning Coming June 13th, Trailer Released

More weaponized vehicles have been revealed

Rockstar Games has finally revealed the release date, as well as a trailer, for the highly anticipated Gunrunning DLC for GTA On. Naturally, in the hours since the video went live, the community has analyzed every single frame of footage to discover any new information about what to expect when the new content becomes available….

GTA Online: Gunrunning Coming This June

Screenshots and details revealed

Rockstar Games has finally unveiled the previously teased Gunrunning update with some interesting details and a handful of screenshots, as well as provided a release window for this year’s biggest DLC, coming next month! Gunrunning was teased alongside the Special Vehicle Circuit update in the Cunning Stunts DLC-series, which was released earlier this year. However,…

GTA Online: Tiny Racers Now Available

There’s also an odd tax rebate on offer

GTA On’s retro throwback Adversary Mode, Tiny Racers, has just been released to much fanfare and… not a lot of applause. However, Rockstar also dropped a in the announcement post that might prove to be infinitely interesting than the Mode itself. But first, let’s talk Tiny Racers. The bird’s eye view vehicular deathmatch…