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Transform Races Looks Good, But Isn’t What GTA Online Needs Right Now

Rockstar Games needs to come up with something gamechanging soon

GTA On’s next DLC, Transform Races, is out next Tuesday. The update, which is seemingly the last non-dripfed, non-event and non-Adversary Mode update for the rest of 2017, is another take on the stunt race formula introduced by Cunning Stunts a year ago. It los like great fun, but it also seems all too familiar….

Import/Export Is Exactly What GTA Online Needs

Why a return to the basics is refreshing

As GTA On became a surprise breakout success, Rockstar Games wanted to stay on top of the situation by keeping players engaged while attracting new ones through DLC. They succeeded, too, with one update being spectacular than the next. However, over time the game drifted further and further away from the franchise’s essence – which…

Cunning Stunts And The Future Of GTA Online

GTA On, from its inception, was all about being over the top. Random street criminals could own military hardware like tanks and attack-helicopters, murder hundreds and lose the cops just by hiding for a few minutes. Deathmatches saw several heavily armed street criminals murdering one another in high-profile areas without law enforcement interference. So called…