GTA Online’s In And Out Available Now

After the announcement last weekend, the release day for GTA Online’s newest Adversary Mode, In and Out has arrived. The new mode is yet another one in a long list of competitive multiplayer game types added to Online by Rockstar in recent months, earning the ire of some players in the community – even if it isn’t entirely deserved.


This newest Adversary Mode is basically good old capture the flag on steroids. The attacking team needs to acquire not one, but 8 packages of contraband while dealing with the disadvantage of being outgunned by the enemy. The heavily armed defenders need to be on their toes if they’re up against a well coordinated team, as the attackers are more light on their feet.

The mode launched with 3 maps, which are now in the weekly event’s double RP and GTA $ deal rotation. In and Out looks to be the most “tactical” of the Adversary Modes, if you allow the use of such a buzzword. The varied strengths and weaknesses of the different teams, coupled with the high number of packages demands a significant amount of coordination from both sides. Planning is crucial if you want to get out on top of this mode.


While we mistakenly associated the last of the leaked content with the second wave of Inch By Inch maps, we can now truthfully say that every item on the list of leaked content is ticked off.

For the first time (for real this time) players have no clue as to what the future of GTA Online looks like, but there are a few guesses. If the Biker DLC petition gets enough steam, you can bet on seeing it come to fruition.

Either way, following the slow-period of 2016 so far, meaning that while we got more frequent updates, they weren’t particularly substantial, there is a good chance that Rockstar will drop a pretty big DLC soon.


A studio that big wouldn’t be even near capacity working on these small DLCs, meaning that they’ve been baking whatever is next in line for GTA Online for a good long while. We’re hoping for something at least as big as Executives and Other Criminals – if not bigger.

In the mean time, we’ll have to make do with this newest Adversary Mode. You can count on In and Out receiving new maps soon, before the big update drops, so we just have to sit and wait.

What kind of a big GTA Online DLC are you hoping for?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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