GTA Online Players Know How To Hold A Grudge

GTA Online is known to be a merciless land, where you either kill or be killed (or rather get hacked and not play). It’s a criminal eat criminal world out there, with players going to extreme lengths just to mess with their fellow gamer. The topic has inspired players to take to the subreddit dedicated to GTA in order to discuss their most ridiculous experiences regarding griefers. You know, those ones who went to extreme lengths just to kill them again and again and again.


These griefers, as they are known in the GTA V community, usually tend to target one particular player who they hound until the breaking point of annoyance.

One player, Blackknighl, recounts his tale of how he was speaking on the phone while playing. In order to get a few minutes of peace and quiet, he entered his submarine and descended to the ocean floor where he sat in peace for an hour. In that time, two separate players attempted several times to kill him, despite not having a bounty on his head. The prospective griefers attempted swimming down to Blackknighl using rebreathers, and both kept returning to his location with boats.

I never died, but found it funny people would go to such lengths (depths) just to kill another player…

As a counter example, another player, Jason_stanfield posted about his encounter with a particularly civil and polite GTA Online player.


Jason had racked up a $9000 bounty, and was merrily driving around Los Santos on his way home. Another player followed him to his house, buzzed the guy and the following exchange took place.


absolutely, dude – you earned it

The player killed Jason with a quick, clean headshot, gave him $4500, and drove off into the sunset.

What kinds of funny stories do you guys have from GTA Online?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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