GTA Online’s Best Money Making Tactic

Executives and Other Criminals brought a wealth of new content to GTA Online, including the extremely expensive super yachts, several new vehicles, and a ground-breaking new VIP and Bodyguard system which builds off the basis of the new system introduced in Freemode Events. However, all this official content isn’t the only “gift” the new DLC has brought to players.


Ever since the Ill-Gotten Gains DLC was released way back when, players have generally reached the consensus that most things in GTA Online are really quite expensive, and getting cash is a difficult and slow process. Considering how much revenue Rockstar made from Shark Cards, this should come as no surprise.

However, for those of you who’ve scraped together the starting million in GTA Online through the typical, hard methods, things can get a lot easier. Basically, in Executives’ new VIP system, any player with one mill kicking around can become the “boss” of their own organisation, and thus new missions become available.

Once you’ve turned into a Boss, get into a session alone – bodyguards will only slow you down here. Basically, all you’ll need to do is alternate between the missions “Sightseer” and “Hostile Takeover LSIA”, as both can be done pretty quickly and have a pretty good payout.

For Sightseer, the best choice of vehicle would be a fast bike, and it should always be started as far south on the map as you can manage. You should be able to finish it in around 5 minutes, with a reward of around GTA$24,000.


When you’ve completed it, there will be a short 5 minute cooldown, just enough for you to head back to your nearest apartment, jump over into a Kuruma, and drive down to the airport for the second mission. All you need to do is ram through any opposition, grab the package without even getting out of the car, and get away. Again, no more than 5 minutes, with a GTA$16,000 payout.

What great money making methods have you discovered in GTA Online?

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