GTA 5 Just Won’t Stay Away From VR

While the chances of us ever seeing an official VR port of GTA 5 are extremely slim, it seems that modders and VR enthusiast just can’t let the game alone. We’ve covered other attempts at making Rockstar’s insanely profitable open-world action game work with various VR headsets despite the high system requirements of such an affair.

VR has been growing in popularity over the past few years with the gradual spread of the Oculus Rift’s dev kits. However, up until the recent launch of both the HTC Vive and the Oculur Rift’s consumer kit, the question of whether or not VR will catch on, or die as just another ill-fated gimmick hung in the air.

Well, the massive media coverage and surprisingly high number of early adopters for either VR device, coupled with numerous other companies working on their own headsets and the already-large library of VR games answered that question. It very much seems that VR is here to stay.


Which brings up the question of when the AAA industry will adopt it as a competitive platform. While certain big publishers like Ubisoft have already put together smaller VR games in order to swiftly plant their flag on a small part of this new and unclaimed land, most AAA companies aren’t biting.

Since Take-Two Interactive have chosen not to stamp their logo on all of Rockstar’s and 2K’s games, the larger gaming community isn’t acutely aware of how large a player the company is in this industry. Either way, they would do well to jump in to the VR market early on.


However, until that happens, VR enthusiasts and GTA fans like Downsider will have to make do with homebrew mods which enable Vive support for GTA V. Naturally, the Reddit thread has a long, running joke about calling it GTAVive, GTA5ive and so on.

The gameplay video released by the modder shows that not only does head-look work, but through unknown eldritch magicks, he has managed to get motion controls and motion detection to work with aiming and crouching.


Obviously this is only as impressive as advertised when played in first person mode. The massive scale of GTA 5’s map would make the game one of, if not the most impressive and awing VR experiences available to date. Downsider hasn’t said anything about releasing his mod, but the fans are begging him all the same.

Would you play GTA 5 with a VR headset, or do you prefer regular screens?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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