GTA V Lindsay Lohan Case Proceeding

As far as asinine and pointless legal cases go, this one probably takes the cake. You know that one promotional image of GTA V character Lacey Jonas that was featured extensively in the game’s marketing? Well, failed celebrity and drug addict Lindsay Lohan sued Rockstar over it and other portrayals of the character for using “her likeness” without her permission.


Anyone familiar with the case (except for Lohan and those paid by Lohan) know how absolutely insane, stupid and pointless this all is. The obvious grab at the possibility of a payout by the deadbeat bygone was first filed in July, 2014, almost a year after initial release and damn long after the marketing campaign started. Lohan had her team of legal reps shovel together enough bullshit to fill a 67 page official complaint about Rockstar’s non-consensual use of her likeness.

Now, her case bled from several holes from the get go. The time that passed between filing the complaint and when the “offense” allegedly took place is suspicious; anyone with a single working eye can see that the offense is made up; and finally anyone with half a brain can see that this is nothing more than an attempt by a burned out celeb who destroyed herself with drugs grabbing desperately for the cash she might get for damages.

Despite all this, the case was just green lit by the New York judge who is handling the case.

When deciding whether or not a complaint should be dismissed, the complaint must be constructed in the light most favorable to the plaintiff, and all factual allegations must be accepted as true.

Rockstar and Take-Two wasn’t going to give in when this charade began, nor are they planning to do so now. Back when all this began, they immediately moved to have the case dismissed and Rockstar’s official response called the case “legally meritless” and “filed for publicity purposes.” They’ll continue to defend their position – a company like Take-Two has it’s own fleet of crack lawyers.

Ned Luke, voice actor for GTA V protagonist Michael de Santa has also chipped in with his own opinion on the matter via twitter, posting the image of a cow from the game with the caption “It’s a stretch but MAYBE there’s a resemblance.”

What do you guys think, how long will this silliness continue?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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