GTA V Meets Charlie Brown and Snoopy

Our savior hath returned. After a brief foray into upcoming superhero movie trailer recreations, Merfish has gone back to using GTA V is usurp your fondest childhood memories of your favorite children’s cartoons. Merfish has become something is a legend among GTA V fan film creators.

His trade is recreating the opening sequences of popular cartoons from way back when. What sets him apart from other Rockstar Editor creators who remake existing content is that while they strive for perfect authenticity, Merfish tries to apply a healthy dose of GTA-style crude humor to the videos. His trademarks are turds and dildos, his star is Lester and his videos induce nightmares.

His most recent victim is the infinitely popular cartoon which spawned from the “Peanuts” comics. Charlie Brown, the immensely dull boy and his anthropomorphic narcoleptic dog Snoopy have become some of the biggest merchandise sellers in the western world.

The character line-ups immediately reflect the creator of the video. The hastily modded outfits can’t hide Trevor under the flappy ears of Snoopy and Michael’s bald head isn’t enough to convince anyone he’s really Charlie.

Of course, this wouldn’t be Merfish is there wasn’t any additional violence. Pillow-fights end in explosions, there is plenty of backstabbing going on and innocent birds are crushed with SUVs.

Nor would it be Merfish without some crude humor added. GTA V’s protagonists get some much needed psychiatric help instead of lemonade and the video ends with a solid 10 seconds of Michael jerkin’ it. Surprisingly enough, no dildos can be seen, and Lester’s role is relegated to a minor character with little screen-time. It seems that while Merfish was AWOL doing blockbuster trailer recreations, he lost a bit of his touch.

Do you have any favorite childhood shows you’d willingly sacrifice upon GTA V’s altar to Mefish?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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