GTA V Meets The A-Team (Video)

While most used to watch cartoons and children’s shows back in the day, there was always the “cool kids” with the lenient parents who allowed them to watch stuff like the A-Team. Of course, they were neither the target nor the core audience but we’re sure you all have plenty of fond memories of the over-the-top exploits of the four mercenaries. GTA V fan video legend Merfish generally specializes in defiling cartoons and children’s shows with lewd re-imaginings using the Rockstar Editor. This time however he’s taken on another kind of show, though it’s fair game as many of you probably feel nostalgic towards it nonetheless.

The A-Team features a group of four American soldiers who were framed for a crime an subsequently court-martialed. After escaping from prison, they banded together once more to make a living as mercenaries with golden-hearts. They only ever helped those with a just cause, kept to their own code of honor and were portrayed as the “good guys” despite being fugitives conducting illegal military operations.

Merfish’s penchant for turds, dildos and additional violence doesn’t quite translate into this video. Seeing as the source material became known for its wanton depiction of violence, Merfish couldn’t do much to ramp it up.

Do not fret, however, as the master’s mark is made the moment Lester appears, taking the place of Mr.T as B.A. Baracus. Ah, yes, good old Merfish indeed.

Considering this is one of his tamer videos, it gives us a chance to appreciate his skill with the Rockstar Editor beyond the crude comedic effects employed in other videos. This recreation is spot on, scene for scene, with even the more complex stunts pulled off with ease. The timing, animations and locations have been all selected with care.

What retro TV series would you want Merfish to give the GTA V treatment next?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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