GTA V Tilt Shift Fan Video With Tutorial

GTA V fans have been able to produce some truly amazing things when using mods in unison with the Rockstar Editor. Between the various green screen mods, set piece mods and the extremely feature-rich Scene Director, avid creators of fan videos have a massive arsenal to back up all of their creative needs. True enough, videos made using this game are among the best and most unique across all of gaming.

However discovering a new technique to achieve a special perspective that hasn’t been known before without the use of any mods is something truly special. Ehmaysi, whose work we’ve featured before recently release a short video shot entirely from a semi-isometric tilt shift perspective. The video is a collection of short shots from gameplay with Trevor, plenty of violence and drinking. The whole thing has a feel of classic GTA to it with slight hints of Infinity engine RPGs due to the perspective mixed in.

The video immediately made the rounds throughout the GTA V community due to its originality and unique effect. Some players have suggested that a mod that could enable such a perspective during gameplay would be awesome – though it would make playing the game really damn hard, as GTA V wasn’t designed with tilt shift in mind and half the game wouldn’t be visible at any given time.


The video gained so much traction that Ehmaysi came back to make a video tutorial about how to achieve the effect without the use of mods and, consequently, on consoles. He does say that for his video he made use of the Free Camera mod, but that’s only needed if you want tilt shift footage of the player character.

While the perspective can be achieved entirely in the Editor, you’ll need some post-editing with a third party program to make it look any good. Ehmaysi’s tutorial is just as well made as the video itself, demonstrating the technique in a easily understandable manner. He does give some exact values in the tutorial that he used, but he encourages video creators to own it and mess around with the numbers to find what works best for whatever project they want to use this for.

This kind of creativity-on-the-loose, especially with the tutorial that Ehmaysi put effort into just to help out the GTA V fan video community just once again goes to show what a dedicated bunch of followers the game has garnered.

These are the videos that make us think that Rockstar should start organizing Editor competitions alongside Snapmatic contests during event weeks celebrating DLCs with an even bigger payout – say 3 Million GTA $. Players put a ton of effort and creativity into their GTA V fan videos as it is and countless talented content creators, Ehmaysi among them, have demonstrated a level of skill worthy of material recognition. This video would be a definite winner of such a competition, would it be entered.

Will you be making use of the tilt shift technique for your GTA V fan videos?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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