Rejoyce, It’s Snowing In GTA Online Again

The magical snow which players have been praising ever since it first fell during Christmas is back once more.

Snow appearing in GTA Online is a very rare occasion, with the previous occurrence taking place last Christmas as part of the first Festive Surprise update. The snow returned this year as well and the feature has been universally loved by players, with many lamenting the fact that it was only around for a day or so.


However, the in-game weather reports soon began to broadcast that another snowstorm will come to Los Santos on New Year’s Eve, covering the city and the landscape with the pristine white frost. The snow not only changes the the visage of the map, but it also adds some fun new features. Vehicle handling has been tweaked to realistically replicate the experience of driving under such conditions, and players now have the (superhuman) ability to pick up 9 snowballs at a time, and fling them at other players.

However, these intended features are not the only changes that snow brings to the multiplayer component of GTA V. Players have been reporting a noticeable change in the general demeanor of their fellow GTA fans. Typically, when joining a public lobby, you can count on at least one or two hackers being present, not to mention half of the remaining, “legal” players being absolutely despicable human beings.


However, while the snow was present, players reported that others were generally kind to one another. Spontaneous car-meets cropped up all over, with nary a griefer to mess them up. Friendly snowball fights were a frequent occurrence, and while some rowdy folk did veer there heads here, the others always joined forces to obliterate the troublemakers and got right back to enjoying the snow.

What part of the snow being present in GTA Online is your favorite?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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