Would GTA V In Two Executables Solve The GTA Online Issues?

Typically, you’d think that game developers and publishers have the best interests of their games at heart. Everyone wants the games to sell well and bring in the cash. However, in some cases, certain AAA publishers and developers get bogged down on different issues, and their perspective (someone working on a game will clearly view it very differently than what it looks like from the outside) might prevent the issue from being solved. This means those issues could then spiral off and drag on for months. The issue with hackers in GTA Online might be one such issue (hopefully not).


Many players are confused as to why Rockstar doesn’t simply separate GTA Online and GTA V into different games with separate executables, welding GTA Online shut so that no outside alterations can touch it in any way. With the two executables separated out, they could then let the community run amok in single player,

The most bewildering part of the whole issue is that this conclusion has been reaches by numerous fans, across various outlets, independently of one another. It seems like the obvious choice. What is going on?


With Rockstar allowing modding to take place on PC within the single player version of GTA V they have done the community a great service. Of that there is no doubt. A large modding community has grown around GTA V, boosting popularity. So killing mods isn’t the solution, as we’ve experienced before.

Of course this particular problem only exists on the PC platform. The next-gen consoles (PS4 and Xbox One) get bricked if any altered code is run, and the last-gen consoles (PS3 and Xbox 360) are seeing an ever dwindling player base. If Rockstar’s unwillingness to take this route is due to pressure from the parent company, Take-Two, or some other factor the community hasn’t taken into account, we do not know.

Do you guys thing this solution would solve the hacker problem in GTA Online?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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